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Bing Maps brings mapping to life with high quality imagery, worldwide accessibility, and accurate data and services. The platform
provides a flexible range of licensing plans and options to meet different mapping needs. Licensing information can be complex so we
have simplified the main scenarios, answering the most frequently asked licensing questions that we receive.

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Is Bing Maps Free?

Bing Maps is free if you:

  • Consume fewer than 125,000 transactions in a 12-month period on a public-facing, non-password protected website

  • Add Bing Maps to a Windows store app (conditions apply*)

  • Add Bing Maps to a free mobile app (conditions apply*)

  • Are an educational or non-profit organisation (restrictions apply*)

  • Are developing apps for Windows or Windows Phone

  • Are using a basic key for development/test purposes.

*Visit the Microsoft Bing Maps Terms of Use page

Still not sure?

Contact us giving details of your usage scenario and we will let you know if you're within the free terms of use or if you require a licence.


How much is a Bing Maps licence?

There are two types of Bing Maps licence:

End User

If you are developing an app for your company/single business, you will require a Volume Licence Agreement. The majority of agreements (such as “Open Value”) start at £1500 depending on your scenario. The pricing for an Enterprise Agreement may vary depending on the size of your organisation.


If you are an ISV bundling Bing Maps with packaged applications, or offering Software as a Service (SaaS), you will require a designated Bing Maps contract which contains language for re-sell. Pricing varies depending on the licence type.

Please contact us and a member of the Bing Maps team in your region will contact you and provide a bespoke quote.

I am a business: what licence do I need?

80% of business data has geographic content. Businesses using Bing Maps can map virtually any business data to more effectively plan and allocate resources, optimise customer service, enhance business processes, and monitor performance.

Bing Maps is continuously evolving to deliver experiences that are visually dynamic and organised so you, your business, and your customers can find information quickly, and get more done in less time.

Common business cases include:

  • Websites
    • Immersive customer experience

    • Resource locators

    • Driving directions

    • Venue maps

    • Multiple imagery options

  • Business Inteligence
    • Data visualisation

    • KPI dashboards

    • Demographic data

    • Supply chain data

    • GIS integration

    • CRM optimisation

  • Mobile device tracking
    • Asset tracking

    • Resource management

    • Route optimisation

    • Operational performance

    • Monitor results

  • Mobile Apps
    • Immersive experience

    • Cross platform

    • Streamline operators

    • Real time logistics

    • User efficiency

Bing Maps easily integrates with other Microsoft technologies so businesses can display data in any business solution, website, or mobile app.

Bing Maps can be licensed per transaction, user or mobile asset depending on the application and your commercial requirements.

What businesses say about Bing Maps:

I am a developer: what licence do I need?

Engage your end users with intelligent, comprehensive and accurate map apps: for mobile, to serve consumers on the web, or to enable employees to easily access and visualise business data.

Bing Maps is easy to develop with:

Licence types
Use cases
Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Licensor program

The Bing Maps ISV Licensor program is designed for companies that build and package applications. If an ISV wishes to bundle Bing Maps with a packaged application or is offering Software as a Service (SaaS) then an ISV contract is required.

If an ISV chooses to license Bing Maps in conjunction with their Bing Maps application, they will license at an initial platform commitment level (payable up front) and benefit from a per-unit/per-month price thereafter which allows them to report their sales by month each quarter in arrears. In addition to the cash flow benefit of quarterly payments (after the initial 12 month up-front commitment), they will be able to vary their monthly units (up or down) for the duration of their contract.

I am a reseller

The Maps Help Desk is a service run by Grey Matter and Microsoft to help resellers licence their customer's Bing Maps applications correctly. Please visit the Maps Help Desk website for information on how to make it easier for you to sell Bing Maps.

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Use the Contact us button to send an email. Please include the details of your usage scenario. We will let you know whether you require a licence and what type of licence you will need. Alternatively, speak to one of our Bing Maps licensing experts on +44 (0)1364 655133.